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Beta Release May 2024

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Faster sales when quality verified and graded, compared to non-graded products.


Higher selling price on average for graded material, compared to non-graded material.


Reduction in canceled and returned orders.


Customer Cannaseurs Choice logo

When I heard that we are able to have our product graded by a 3rd party and list our inventory, then receive orders or offers within 24-48 hours. It's a no brainer for us!

Patrick Wlaznak, CEO of Cannaseurs Choice

Customer Kokua Services logo

Qualitative transparency and standardization of the same nomenclature is critical in bulk wholesale. Cannafax will save us time and energy sourcing, while helping us to accurately price any bulk material we may have according to the market conditions and quality produced.

Nate Gibbs, CEO of Kokua Services


Grading & Certificate of Grade

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Since 2016, we've meticulously hand-graded over 500K pounds of cannabis, five pounds at a time, to collect the data that powers our AI. Leveraging this extensive dataset, Cannafax's 3rd party grading tool now uses AI to revolutionize cannabis standardization, offering unparalleled transparency for buyers and sellers.

Appraisal & Market Pricing

Cannafax Appraisal & Market Pricing

Want to know how valuable your material is? Make sure you get a fair market price for your crop before you make the sale. Our appraisal tool will provide you with an accurate current market value for your material, while also providing you with the current market price range for products in the same category.

API Integration

Cannafax Product Listings

Integrate the Cannafax Grading API into your online cannabis marketplace or seed-to-sale compliance platform. Automatically grade products using advanced image analysis, generate detailed Certificates Of Grade (COG) with QR code verification, and provide customers with reliable quality assurance. Our API is easy to integrate and scalable and ensures consistency, transparency, and efficiency for your business.


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